The Impact of The Engineering and Management Alzakat Finance on Money Turnover Speed


  • Hazem Alwadi Department of Business Economic Faculty of Business Administration Tafila Technical University, Jordan



Engineering of alzakat money, papers, inflation, economic stagnation


The research aimed at finding some solution for current and future economic problems and crises by being careful about the expenditures of Alzakat without the violation of the rights of deserving people. Through the issuance of papers by the Alzakat house in case of inflation or stagflation in order to decrease the speed of money turnover affecting them and decrease the periods of spending monetary expenditures in the situation of stagnation and stagflation in order to increasing the speed of money turnover affecting them. The researcher found that inthe case of economic inflation, the Alzakat house can issue papers which the Alzakat deserving people can deal with. In this way, the speed of money turnover which directly affects inflation is decreased and its severances are lessened. In the case of economic stagnation, the Alzakat house can decrease the periods of money payment to the people who deserve it in a way that increases the speed of money turnover decreasing stagnation.In the case of stagflation the Alzakat house can combine between the issuance of papers and monetary distribution of the Alzakat amount in order to limit the stagflation and bring back economy to the state of balance.


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