The Theory of Development in Islamic Economy


  • Hazem Alwadi Department of Business Economics, Tafila Technical University, Jordan



Islamic economy, Jordan


Islamic economy depends on the theory economic development hypotheses through finding its supports which are: Implement Allah's legislation that ensure the happiness, and economic welfare, and which is the cause for long benevolent and live, hood, rains, knowledge. The implementation of Allah's legislation means: Every Muslim must be workable and effective, every Muslim must request the knowledge too, implement the economic function for Islamic nation, and to evaluate every productive project has effective issues for the whole Muslims, save the secure sense and safety for every Muslims, Islamic necessitate the implementation of economic independency away of economic. versatilities, and Islamic allow us getting personal possessiveness, physical inventiveness for encourage increasing productivity, creativeness, and enhancement qualitative productivity, necessitate the preservation of physical and conceptual ambience depend on the Islamic base " no damage no damage", and the systematic of ethical values. Necessitate the gathering reserves for investment, implement the regimental Islamic markets though values, Islamic ethical principles.


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