Imam Ahmad bin al-Hussein al-Bayhaqi

"جهود الامام البيهقي ت 458 هـ في أثبات العقيدة والدفاع عنها "


  • Nawaf Mohammed Al Harbi Saudi Arabia



confirmed the torment of the grave, intercession, Issues of Islamic doctrine


This study deals with issues of Islamic doctrine, which was excelled by one of the former imams, Imam Ahmad bin al-Hussein al-Bayhaqi (d: 458 Hijri). These issues discussed in the research are: the intercession of our Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, the proof of Paradise and the vision of God Almighty and the fact of the torment of the grave.

It is noted that these issues, which have differed by a number of former scientists, denied by some and supported by many. However, today there are a large number of those who have been influenced by the secular ideas of our Islamic societies. Therefore, the author of this research has been influenced by what Baihaqi reported in some of his books, which dealt with many issues in the doctrine, including these three. Since Baihaqi has followed the honest and righteous scholars of the nation which they have proved the validity of intercession, the vision of God Almighty in the afterlife, and confirmed the torment of the grave through texts of legitimacy, which is unambiguous.

For this purpose, the researcher followed the views of Baihaqi and most notably in this limited and useful research.


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