Management of the early childhood education development: an action research at cakranegara play groups, Lombok, Indonesia


  • Siti Zaenab University of Mataram, Lombok, Indonesia
  • Supriyono Supriyono Balitar Islamic University, Blitar, Indonesia



Early Childhood Education, Management, Improvement


This research  focused on the improvement of Cakranegara playgroup childhood educational Management in Mataram, using an action research approach. The purpose of this research was to expand the childhood educational management especially in planning, organizing, actuating, and controlling. This qualitative research was an action research that emphasized trying out the concept of ideas into practices and was expected to enhance the quality of the Cakranegara playgroup childhood educational program.  This research was started with a pre-study at the childhood education to capture the practices of planning, organizing, actuating and controlling. Data was collected by: (1) interview (2) Observation (3) Documentation. Results of this research showed that there has been significant improvement in the practices of  Planning, Organizing, Actuating, Controlling on the basis of management theories.


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