Approval of the text and its legal applications

  • Ayed Salem Alnashawy, Dr. Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs and Holy Places, Jordan


The study showed the concept of approval, linguistically and idiomatically, and then the types of approval. It is the desirability of the text (the effect), the desirability of consensus, the desirability of custom or habit, the desirability of necessity, and the desirability of analogy. Approval or is it a matter of establishing the ruling with evidence and not approving, the result of the study was that approbation of the text (the effect) is not considered approbation in the idiomatic sense known to scholars of origins, but rather it is a ruling proven by evidence from the book or Sunnah, taking into account the honorable law for the benefit of the people, and the evidence is not approbation In its fundamentalist sense, which is based on the diligence of the mujtahid in what is not stipulated in the text, it is an act of pure evidence.


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