The crime of human trafficking against persons with disabilities. A comparative study


  • Lujain Ahmed Abu Dalu



crime, human trafficking, disabilities


The criminalization of human trafficking has passed through several stages throughout the ages, starting with Islamic Sharia and its prohibition of slavery and servitude to considering it a crime of denial in international human rights law, which in turn emphasized the imposition of punishment on it and its prevention in peace and war, because of its danger to the whole world.
There are several mechanisms to prevent, suppress and combat human trafficking. Whether at the international level by international treaties and agreements, or at the regional level by national laws.
This study noted a legislative shortcoming in the mechanisms applied to the crime of human trafficking, especially those against persons with disabilities.
Considering the crime of human trafficking is a flagrant violation of human rights, specifically the human right to life and the preservation of his dignity. For the aforementioned reasons, I conducted this legal study, which came in two sections, where it shed light in the first section on the general of the crime of human trafficking by explaining its concept and the pillars of the crime of human trafficking. While the second section clarify the concept of the crime of human trafficking against persons with disabilities.


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