The effect of sound and rhythm in highlighting the Quranic image




Accentuation, extension, thicken, tilt, acoustic extension, dimensions


This research was studied on the effect of sound in highlighting the Qur’anic image, so it took a descriptive approach to analysis. Without a performance, then the search for the description with words to represent the performance was to approximate the meaning and the image and approximate the oral Quranic performance. The research concluded that the sound showed the image and meaning previously in that lexical meaning, and it was noticed that the image came from many words and vocabulary in order to clearly highlight the image and the meaning, and that the sound sometimes overcomes the dictionary meaning and precedes it among the recipients in understanding, as much of the phonemic performance was not mentioned in the dictionaries due to Because of its lack of form in words, the research noticed that any movement, sound, or rhythm in the Holy Qur’an is not devoid of the meaning of a goal or an intended goal, so the sound lies behind the meaning and moves the image and makes it clear.


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Author Biography

Mahmoud Hussein Ahmad Al-Zuhayre, The World Islamic Sciences University, Jordan


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