The role of the mass media in managing the Corona Virus Pandemic “A field study from the point of view of faculty members working in political science departments in Jordanian Universities”


This study aimed to identify the role of the media in managing the Coronavirus pandemic, “a field study from the point of view of faculty members in the political science departments in Jordanian universities.” The researcher used the descriptive analytical method and the comprehensive survey method. A questionnaire, had been designed for this purpose and distributed on the study population which consisted of 75 faculty members, through which 56 questionnaires were analyzed using the (SPSS) program. The study found an impact of the media in managing the Coronavirus pandemic, a field study from the point of view of faculty members working in political science departments in Jordanian universities. The study recommended the following: Adopting targeted and studied media programs at appropriate times for citizens, adopting the principle of limpidity and objectivity in conveying the facts, setting deterrent sanctions for those who spread rumors related to the crisis and tend to exaggerate its effects.


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Author Biography

Mohammad Khair Farhan Qerba, Prince Al Hussein Bin Abdullah II School of International Studies, University of Jordan, Jordan

Dr Mohammad Khair Qerba holds a PhD in political science/International relations. He is a researcher and strategic expert. He brings more than 30 years of experience in security, immigration and asylum issues, specializing in Arab and regional affairs in general and Syrian and Iraqi affairs in specific. Dr Qerba has published his first book entitled ‘’Security challenges facing Jordan in light of the Syrian refugee crisis’’. Currently, Dr Qerba is a part-time lecturer in Prince Al Hussein Bin Abdullah II School of International Studies, The University of Jordan.


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