Hadith-based Values in the cyberspace and virtual societies and their Role in the Development of Individual and Society


  • Alladein Mohammad Ahamad Adawi, Dr. Faculty of Islamic Studies, University of Jordan, Jordan




the Prophet’s Sunnah, the noble hadith, hadith values, virtual societies


This research deals with the most important values ​​mentioned in the Prophet’s Sunnah. The values in question are presented and linked to the virtual communities; such values should be applied in the era of the electronic revolution, and the era after the information openness that the world is witnessing. This is done with a focus on stating their role in the development of the individual and society. This research comes to study the system of Islamic values ​​that should govern what is called cyberspace, and electronic societies that are called virtual, fictitious or digital societies as opposed to real societies. The study is divided into an introduction, and three sections. The first section: Cyberspace and virtual societies, definition, reality. The second section: Hadith values ​​that govern cyberspace and virtual societies. The third section: the means of making use of cyberspace and virtual societies in promoting values, and finally come the conclusion and results.


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