Poses in Drug Abusers’ Divorce


  • Tamam Odeh Alassaf University of Jordan, Jordan




drugs, divorce, family, choice, will


The study found that the drug abusers’ divorce is void, since the right statement is directed to be correct with correction of his divorce and its happening even that consequences of this divorce and its effects are on him alone. But if the harm involves the wife and children, how can others be punished for doing it? This is rejected by the justice of Islamic law. Preserving and sustaining family life is one of the pillars of Islam.

The reasonable person will not deny the fact that the abuser is absent from his mind by his own will and choice, as well as that he does not have the mental powers to make the decision to disengage from the marriage, therefore, It is necessary to intervene stop this reckless man from destroying his family, by taking preventive measures and actions, to prevent him from continuing his unconscious and uncontrolled behavior in order to maintain family cohesion. But these means and methods of deterrence should not be a reason for involving others in punishment, harm and related sequences, on the pretext that he is the one who had corrupted his mind, by committing the prohibited and the sins.

The independent balanced view is the main feature of Islamic law, and it is the ultimate goal pursued by the independent researcher; who seek to reach the right path in which the wisdom of legislation and the meaning of the text are realized and achieved.


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Author Biography

Tamam Odeh Alassaf, University of Jordan, Jordan


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