Health services in governmental hospitals in the capital governorate


  • Ahmad Suliman Alhunaiti Ministry of Public Sector Development, Amman, Jordan



Governmental Hospitals, Medical Care, Medical Staff, Quality of Health Services


The study aimed to assess the health services in the governmental hospitals in the capital of Jordan, and recognize the reality of health services and the most important weaknesses related to limited medical staff, limited nursing staff, lack of medical supplies, lack of modern medical devices, the length of patients waiting periods, the treated patients and clients manner from the perspective of patients. This study relied on analytical descriptive approach through questionnaire distributed on 682 patients. The study found that there are several weaknesses in health care services at hospitals. The most significant weakness was the limited of medical and nursing staff. The numbers of doctors and nurses do not fit with the number of patients at hospitals, and the hospitals do not have alternative specialist in case of the absence of a doctor in a particular specialty. The study also pointed to inadequate of medical supplies permanently, and there is a lack in the presence of modern and advanced medical devices that forcing to transfer some patients to other  hospitals, and the results also indicated that patients waiting periods was one of the biggest problems, which may expose patients to risk.


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