Justifications of the implementation of foreign judgments in Jordan


  • Nawal Hussien Jamil AL-Syaidh Youth & Sport National Fund Support, Amman, Jordan




Foreign judgments, Jordan


Authorized law enforcement of foreign judgments Jordanian implementation of judgments of foreign judicial views in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, in accordance with the rules and special provisions and conditions are different. The implementation of this action is the most important laws that addressed the legislature in which many of the Jordanian relations and international transactions that arise between individuals or institutions of different kinds. Came the attention of the international community to the subject of foreign judgments and apply for legal reasons, and various procedural, including that of respect for acquired rights of the parties to legal relations, or related to the maintenance of international transactions that result in the rights and obligations of different or reciprocity.  The importance of this research to the statement of justification for the application of foreign judgments in Jordan and other countries through the study of many related topics such as the force and respect for acquired rights and justifications for international transactions and others. The current research reviews the general provisions relating to foreign judgments in accordance with Jordanian law and some other legislation in the second part, and then studied the reasons and justifications for the implementation of foreign judgments.


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Author Biography

Nawal Hussien Jamil AL-Syaidh, Youth & Sport National Fund Support, Amman, Jordan

Head of Human Resource, Youth & Sport National Fund Support, Amman, Jordan


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