A cry still unheard: A menace of female foeticide societal attitude towards female foeticide


  • Mona Arora G.G.D.S.D. College, Chandigarh, India.




Female foeticide, social attitude, social pressures, Indian society


India has an age old fascination with the boy child and considers the birth
of a girl as a bad investment in future. A girl is considered to be consumer rather
than a producer, and this narrow viewpoint of the Indian patriarchal society has
lead to horrid practices like female infanticide and female foeticide.

There is societal pressure for women to have male children and failures
tend to feel guilty after giving birth to a girl. Such women are at risk of being
beaten and rejected by their husbands. This can even lead to rejection by in -laws
and by the society as a whole. Keeping in view the above discourse the present
paper aims to study the attitude of society towards female foeticide.


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Author Biography

Mona Arora, G.G.D.S.D. College, Chandigarh, India.

Assistant Professor,
G.G.D.S.D. College,
Sector-32, Chandigarh, India.


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