A Refutation of the Sufis on the Creed of Indwelling and Union with the Divine


  • Talal Mshafi Al-Naimat Zarqa University, Jordan




sufis, Indwelling, Indwelling and Union, A Refutation


This study seeks to investigate the methodology of Sufi scholars in refuting the creed of Indwelling and Union with the Divine. This study also functions as an investigation into the creed itself by going through its textual and rational proofs, with an exposé of the main supporters of this creed and Sufi scholars’ refutations of them. And I conclude with the corpus of responses, most important of which are the Sufi refutations of the creed and the disavowal of everyone who asserts it Sufism- Indwelling and Union with the Divine – the Qur’an


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