An Interview with Bernice McCarthy: Creator of The 4MAT® System


  • Michael F. Shaughnessy, Prof. Dr. Eastern New Mexico University Portales, New Mexico


4MAT, Improving teaching, About learning system, Interview


Bernice McCarthy is the Chief Innovative Officer and Creator of 4MAT and the Founder of About Learning System: A Framework for Improving Teaching. The world of instruction needed something new and that jolt came from Dr. Bernice McCarthy. Dr. McCarthy knew from her extensive teaching experience there had to be a style of learning that would reach all students.  Traditional lessons taught with lectures, tests and rote memorization might work for some students while others need instruction with interaction and hands on activities.  Armed with the desire to help every student learn, Dr. McCarthy founded About Learning in 1979. She has continued to present workshops and in-services on her system which has been adopted by many.


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