The efficiency of human resources in Islamic Banks


  • Boufatah Keltouma Yasser, Dr. Faculty of Economics and Management University of Tlemcen, Algeria



efficiency, Islamic banks, Human resource


The most important thing that distinguishes the Islamic religion from other religions is that it was not only concerned with the enlightenment of man with the doctrinal origins of unification and the organization of human relations with his Lord, but also with the individual's insight into the affairs of his life and what he organizes to achieve happiness in this life and the afterlife, Whether the Holy Qur'an, the Noble Sunnah or the behavior of the Caliphs in the management of the affairs of the Islamic State can be deduced that the latter had a head start in the use of many principles and concepts of sound management, which could not be reached by western management thought in recent years of this The Century after about fourteen centuries of the application of Islamic management to them, perhaps this is what made the scientists of the West themselves, such as Claude George in his book published in 1968 in the United States of America praises some of the pioneers of administrative thought Kalghazali, Al-Farabi and Ibn Khaldun etc.


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