The Impact of COVID-19 on Tourism Land Transportation Companies


  • Mohammad Z. Manansreh Department of Hotel Management, Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management, Yarmouk University, Jordan
  • Omar A. Alananzeh Department of Hotel Management, Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management, Yarmouk University, Jordan



Tourist land transportation, Corona pandemic, Ebb and Flow, Jordan


The study aimed to shed light on the problems facing the tourism land transportation companies and to explore the impact of the pandemic on this sector. The descriptive-analytical methodology was used to carry out this study and a sample of 117 employees of the Jordanian tourism land transportation companies were selected. An electronic questionnaire was distributed via e-mail to the study sample. The results showed that the tourism land transportation sector suffers from a number of difficulties such as traffic jams, unqualified infrastructure, instability of oil derivative prices, and tourist seasonality. Results showed a negative impact of the Corona pandemic on the land tourism transportation sector, as many of the procedures taken had dire consequences on this sector. The study presented some solutions from the point of view of workers in tourist land transportation companies.


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