The objectives of the Think Tank are to provide opportunities, manage and hold seminars, conferences, symposiums and to publish scientific research.

To provide opportunities for the teachers, scientists, managers, entrepreneurs, research scholars, policy makers and students across the globe to promote and discuss the issues of emerging trends in the respective fields and to discuss new concepts, progressive methodologies, embryonic approaches and innovative practices within the world of scientific & research environment.

To help and discover the progress and application of scientific discoveries, by providing free access to research information online without financial, legal or technical barriers.

All professional publications and international research journals articles will be freely distributed and available from multiple websites.

COES&RJ Journals, Books, Magazines and Newspapers breaking new frontiers in the world of publishing and printing.

For the purpose, in the year 2014, a Domestic Limited Liability Company (LLC) was registered by Nasir Ali Shamsi in the State of Texas, USA