The failure of the education system in Algeria, how to remedy it?

  • Tafiani née Boufatah keltouma, Dr. Université de Tlemcen, Algeria


The Algerian educational system is now totally deleterious. Undergoing the mediocrating effect of one-way management, the Algerian educational system has favored the emergence of whole sections of society which repress today the reflection and its objectives. School failure, elevated to the standard when it should be the exception, can therefore only be attributed to the absence of a research and development program in the field of educational foresight, evolving according to the major qualitative changes Imposed by the globalization of the idea and the behavior which must learn to defend itself against the medocratisation which tends to fossilize, to fight against the ignorance and to promote the reflex to the permanent education. Consequently, it is imputed to the absence of an educational project capable of underpinning a project of society capable of managing the tumult of modernity without error and without illusion and structured around a mobilizing consensus responding to national concerns (Ambitions - aspirations - needs - constraints), and then global requirements. It is quite clear that Algeria can not play in the big leagues as long as the ruling sphere does not admit that in the era of globalization where international competition becomes ruthless, it is knowledge and innovations Scientific and technological changes that redistribute the cards of wealth and power, as long as it does not cease to conceal academic failure. However, the question that arises is that they are the causes of school failure in Algeria and how to remedy it?


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