Call for Paper with Research Videos; Publish your research on global research TV channel


Call for Paper with Research Videos; Publish your research on global research TV channel

we cater all languages papers, therefore we will take videos of all paper languages, except the article name, abstract and keywords in English, so we can complete the SEOs. The authors has to make the ppt first and later record the video presentation with the ppt of the papers. In future, when we approve paper, we will ask for such videos. This will be an extra benefit for the authors.

Our channel is having a multilingual neural machine translation service to translate videos, text and documents from one language into another. We are developing a website interface, a mobile app for Android and iOS, and an API. Our website will supports 133 languages at various levels, and planning to cater over 500 million total users.


Guidelines for preparation and uploading of presentations

All registered authors with accepted papers should prepare and upload a pre-recorded video of their presentation. This is a prerequisite for a paper to be included in the Conference Programme.

The pre-recorded videos will be available on our research TV channels ,websites and Video Library.

Please note that the file of your presentation must be a video file in MP4 format and that the duration of the presentation should be strictly 15 minutes.

It is recommended that your pre-recorded presentation includes a window box with the speaking presenter via a webcam, instead of a voice-over presentation only.

Instructions for Recording your video Presentation

There are several video conferencing tools available to easily record a presentation. Powerpoint or Zoom are among the most preferable.

Our recommended approach is to record a compatible video, using a webcam or an external video camera to create a small window of the speaking presenter and an external microphone or headset for the audio.

Both Zoom and Powerpoint presentation software allow recording audio and video directly in the application and can export appropriate video files in MP4 format.

See relevant information below for more information regarding Powerpoint and Zoom.


Follow these instructions to add audio and video to your slides.

Follow these instructions to generate a MPEG-4 (.mp4) file from your slides and audio/video.



Follow these instructions for local Recording.


Guidelines for preparing your video

Duration: 15 minutes.

Recommended set for HD format (1280 x 720 or other "720p" setting) or higher.


Please be sure the video includes the title of the paper and the names of the authors following the below template for your PowerPoint presentation.

 Use simple (Arial, Calibri) and large (30+) fonts.

 Have NO embedded videos.

 File Format: MPEG-4 (.mp4) file.

Video Quality: use an adequate front light and an appropriate background for the video headshot of the presenter. Check your files before submitting to ensure their quality (video and sound).

Please use the following naming convention: PaperID.mp4, where Paper ID is the code provided by the system during your abstract submission.


Tips for Recording:

Use a place for recording as quiet as possible.

Avoid areas that have echo or bad acoustics.

A good microphone close to mouth. Avoid, if possible, using default built-in microphone on computer.

Remember to speak slowly and enunciate clearly, without pausing.

Make sure you have good front light – ensuring that the light shines brightly on your face. If your back is to a window, close the shades.

Put the camera at eye level.

Do a test recording of a couple of minutes and review the sound and picture quality before recording the entire presentation.  Make adjustments if needed.