Redecision therapy case study: Case presentation & counseling issues


  • Siti Nurhanah Mohd Amin Swinburne University of Technology, Singapore


Burnout, Transactional Analysis


Huda is a 34-year old Malay Singaporean divorcee who has been married for 6 years with two children. During her first counselling session, she displayed two presenting problems. She showed signs of burnout from her busy and stressful life and dissatisfaction. In addition to her personal life at home, she was feeling guilty of not able to protect her children from her strict mother who is the main care giver while she is at work. She began to struggle with the fact that she felt that she is not able to raise her children in a more nurturing environment as she is very protective towards her children well-being, in terms of meeting their psychological needs when it comes to unnecessary verbal lashing. She felt more upset when her family members and siblings would often her for not being aggressive enough to discipline her children. Huda shared that when she was young; she was often labeled as rebellious child. Her mother was highly critical of her and would hit her if her academic performances were not as good as her other siblings. As a young child, she grew up believing that she could never do things right and she is weak.


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