Effect of Training and Development on Employee Performance in the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority


  • Shaker H. Alnawfleh Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority, Aqaba, Jordan




Training and Development, Employee performance, Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority


This study was conducted to identify the effect of training and development on Employee Performance in the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority. Random sampling technique was used to collect data for this research study. A developed questionnaire was distributed among 112 employees in the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority for data collection. To check the effect of training and development on employee’s performance, descriptive statistical technique and t-testwas applied on the data. The results indicate that there was a significant difference in scores for trained employees and untrained employees with large effect, (30%) of the employees performance isexplained by training and development programs. It is proved that independent variables contribute positively towards change in the dependent variable.


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