Globalization risks and opportunities


  • Tafiani Boufatah keltouma, Dr. Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Tlemcen, Algier



Globalization, developing countries, industrialized countries, inequality, poverty, crises, growth, disparities


Globalization refers to the interdependence of human activities related to individuals and political and economic systems prevailing across the world. There are two trends in this context. Some experts see it as positive and others do not hide their fear of this situation.


The first is based on the fact that globalization plays a crucial role in global economic development. The second is that the latter increases inequalities within and between countries, thus impeding social progress.


The best way to achieve the positive aspects of globalization and enjoy the situation is to accelerate and accelerate the growth and reduce poverty or reduce it at least, and only through cooperation between countries of the world, manufactured and unprocessed, developing and advanced , Rich and poor.


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Industrialization, its real springs and its ideology stimulate the globalization of certain arches and the struggle between the Western "markets" and the Soviet "markets" (PERROUX, XX, 1964 p.286), quoted by the Treasury. computerized French language

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Globalization: Should we rejoice or fear? IMF Thematic Studies, see Culture, Cultural Diversity, Culture and Globalization.

Finally, globalization brings with it vast cultural, political and environmental dimensions ... Globalization: Should we rejoice or fear it?

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This article deals with these theories "conception them" Globalization: two contradictory expressions

The world: plural and singular

Globalization: two contradictory expressions

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La mondialisation risques et chances