Importance of Business Incubators in Developing Entrepreneurial Ventures in Jordan


  • Hussien Alharamsheh, Dr. Zarqa University, Jordan



Small Entrepreneurial Business, Entrepreneurial ventures, Business Incubators,


This study aimed to examine the role of business incubators on developing entrepreneurial ventures in Jordan, by answering the study questions and its hypotheses. The study population consisted of the started ventures benefiting from the business incubators which

estimated (50) ventures, estimated (500) employees, the study sample consisted of (50) employees. Findings of this study: Jordanian Business Incubators offers many facilities and services, as similar as to business incubators in the world, (job creation and self-employment)comes as first dimension in terms of study sample interest, a sample study assessment about the entrepreneurial ventures dimensions (Create entrepreneurial ventures, develop entrepreneurial ventures, job creation and self-employment) The assessment ranged between (mid dle and high) from the perspective of the study sample, an existence of differences was shown between the responses, about the role of business incubators in (Create entrepreneurial  ventures, develops entrepreneurial ventures, job creation and self-employment) it was in favor of the male participants.


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