Nodel issues related to the verses that describe (divine self) God's self with cunning, malice, deception, cynimism and mockry

  • Ghalib Al-Nadi University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan


Attributes such as cunning, malice, deception, mockery, and irony are not completely blameworthy, but rather blameworthy, as they are unfair and invalid, but when they are truly and fairly not blameworthy, they are not imperfection, but are of perfection.

God Almighty has described in it a restricted description with what indicates that it is from the commendable section, which is true and justified by the example of God Almighty saying: {And God is the best of cunning}. So he described what He cunning with goodness. It indicates the perfection of his knowledge, ability, wisdom and justice.

It is obligatory to prove to God Almighty what he has proven for himself on the way which is mentioned which is restricted by what indicates that it is a right and not invalid. There is no need to far-fetched interpret the many texts that prove to God the Almighty such attributes.

Noting that it is not permissible to derive names from God Almighty; Because the names of Allah are twaqfiyyah ( set by Allah) and it is not correct to derive from his actions. And because it is a function of perfection in every aspect, it is not divided into what is perfect in a position and a decrease in position.


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Author Biography

Ghalib Al-Nadi, University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan


PHD student, University of Jordan
Islamic Creed
Imam of Masjed in Ministry Of Awqaf And Islamic Affairs since 1994.



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