Evidence of the narrator's truthfulness, veracity, or lies, and the severity of his negligence through his speech


This research deals with highlighting a set of clues and evidence observed by critical imams in the narration, in which they deduced the narrator's truthfulness and the intensity of his negligence through his narratives, it divided the research into two studies, while the preliminary: was to explain the meaning of the evidence in this study. The research have made the first topic: to show the clues and evidence that show the narrator’s truthfulness and proven in his speech. And in the second portion: to show the clues and evidence that the narrator lied and the intensity of his neglect in his speech, and the number was fourteen presumptions. And the research concluded with the most important findings.


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Author Biography

Khaled Mohammed Suleiman Al-Sunaien, University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan

Teacher at The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, State of Kuwait

Doctoral degree of Fundamentals of Religion, Major  in Hadith Sharif and Sciences, College of Islamic law, Jorden University, Jordan


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