The relationship of social responsibility with investment institutions in the context of Islamic Sharia

  • Omar Mohammed bany yons


The world economic environment has faced fundamental changes in recent years. Which considers a part of the globalization policies ‏ included several‏ sectors. As a result, financial‏ services and‏ investment sector consider one of the‏ most important‏ sectors that have‏ taken advantages‏ of‏ these‏ enormous changes. Therefore, it is required to clarify the Investment‏ institutions' responsibilities toward their communities for being the main factor for its existence. On the other hand, explain ways of solidarity from the legitimate point of view‏ out‏ of the‏ Covenant‏ which is‏ between them‏) Islam).‏ This‏ research‏ will discuss the general‏ concept of‏ social‏ responsibility for investment‏ institutions.‏ In addition to their relationship with‏ sustainable‏ development. Furthermore, their relationship with ‏ legitimacy‏ purposes‏ and ‏ explain the‏ motives‏ that‏ make‏ institutions‏ adopt‏ this‏ work. Finally, explain its impact‏ and consequences‏ on‏ society and the‏ institution, ‏ within a common‏ and integrated Islamic‏ strategy to have ‏ sustainable‏ development. That could be achieved by‏ adopting‏‏ social‏ responsibility programs to Cope with the‏ challenges‏ that‏ face the‏ Islamic‏ countries such as‏ poverty, unemployment‏, and other challenges.


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