Intercultural Communication: It's Influence to Cultural Solidarity as Perceived by the Tri-Students of Mindanao State University


Mindanao State University is one of the competent universities in Mindanao and is also known for it caters students coming from the three major tribes: Meranaos (Muslims), Christians and Lumads, which provoked the researcher to look into  the influence of intercultural communication on their Academic performance, Intrapersonal (Self-Realization), and Interpersonal (Social Experiences) aspects. This study used the descriptive-correlation method of research in identifying the perceived influence of intercultural communication on their academic performance, intrapersonal (self-realization) and interpersonal (social experiences) aspects as well as the significant relationship of the respondents’ perceptions with their profile.The researcher made use of a self-constructed questionnaire distributed to 340 respondents who were living from the dormitories. It revealed that they were actually scared of having enrolled in MSU especially the Christians because of the negative impressions about Marawi City, which was then changed.  In fact, for them it is a worthy venue not only for educational purposes and developing themselves academically but also socially and emotionally.  They learned to deal with other people of different personalities and cultures.Thus, teachers and administrators should not only focus on the academic performance of their students but even in how they relate to the social milieu around them.


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