Call for paper


It is our immense pleasure to give call for paper, for the: 
Journal of Social Sciences (COES&RJ-JSS)
ISSN (P): 2305-9494 ISSN (E): 2305-9249

published by the Centre of Excellence for Scientific & Research Journalism (COES&RJ-LLC.) to cater to the publication needs of teachers, scientists, scholars and students. 

We thank all the forces with us, in the form of eminent advisory board and editorial board for all their cooperation and enthusiastic involvement in this blooming endeavor. 

We are inviting papers from the field of Anthropology, Archaeology, Behavioral science, Business studies, Communication studies, Criminology, Demography, Development studies, Environmental studies, Economics, Education, Geography, History, International studies, Industrial relations, Information science, Journalism, Law, Legal management, Linguistics, Library science, Management, Media studies, Political science, Psychology, Public administration, Sociology, Legal Management, Political economy, Paralegal studies, International studies, Library Science, Information Science.