Sunset Policy

This Sunset Policy is effective as of February 4, 2016.

COES&RJ has a number of great features available for our users, and some of our favorites include click tracking, open tracking, and event notifications.
We can boost our email deliverability by ensuring we’re only sending your mail to recipients who want to see it.

Establishing a Sunset Policy

An effective sunset policy is a customizable solution to these tough problems. We are trying to improve their deliverability to inboxes and to the integrity of our lists through constant, preventative maintenance.

The basics of a sunset policy are as follows:
Define what an unengaged recipient is to our company.
Determine how long it is appropriate for our business to send messages to a recipient who is unengaged.
Decide if we will silently let these unengaged customers leave our lists, or if we can send them a final permission pass or winback reminder, asking them if they would like to continue to receive mail from us.
Collect and consume engagement data using the Event Notification App (Event Webhook).
Follow our plan for as long as you continue emailing, as this is a form of preventative maintenance.
Watch our engagement, deliverability, and list integrity improve.

Removal schedules that we follow, can be seen here:

Removing recipients of daily emails who have not engaged in three weeks
Removing recipients of weekly emails who have not engaged in two months
Removing recipients of monthly emails who have not engaged in six months

When it comes time to remove recipients who have not engaged with our mailings, we have seen customers be highly satisfied when sending a reconfirmation email prior to their full removal from our mailing lists. However, it is just as sound of a practice to simply quietly remove these unengaged recipients from our lists.

In summary, an important facet of excellent emailing is ensuring that we are sending wanted mail, and we can ensure this through the proper removal of unengaged recipients from our lists through the implementation of a sunset policy.