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Journal of Business & Management (COES&RJ-JBM)
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Our Journal is has an initial acceptance rate of less than 18%.
Type of Review: Blind Review
External Reviewers: 13
Internal Reviewers: 3
Time to Review: 3-8 weeks
Reviewer's comments: Yes
Since Impact Factor Calculation is based on a two-year period,
and we are in the process of completion of that period, we cannot give Impact Factor.

Publisher: Centre of Excellence for Scientific & Research Journalism
Frequency of Issues: Quarterly: 4 times a year
Launch Date: January 2013
Article Submission Fee: There is no article submission fee
Article Processing Fee: Euro 150 per accepted article
Printed copy of the journals Fee: Euro 25 per copy of the printed journal.
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Manuscript Styles: see "Guidelines" page
Manuscript length: 20 pages
Copies required: Electronic only
Readers: Academics, Universities, Research Institutions, Governmental, Non-Governmental Agencies and Individual Researchers.

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Ra'ed (Mo'hd Taisir) Masa'deh
Editor: Moiz Haider Shamsi
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Total Quality Management, Training and Development.

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